Latest on B2B presented by Covast at the Microsoft SOA and Business Process conference

Covast will give an update on the latest developments in B2B at the Microsoft SOA and Business Process Conference in Redmond next week. Our lunch presentation will start at 11:30AM on Thursday, 10/5 in Kodiak. The session will be broadcast in all other rooms. We’ll talk about: Trading Partner Management (TPM) The Covast B2B Appliance The latest news on … [Read more…]

Holiday in Italy

After a very busy fist half of 2006, I’ll be enjoying a 3 week holiday in Italy with my wife & 2 kids as of tomorrow afternoon. I plan to be back in the office on July 31st again, fully charged and ready for the 2nd half of this year! Cheers — Gijsbert. [ on this … [Read more…]

New EDI Accelerator 2006 demo available

I’ve been working hard lately to get our new EDI Accelerator 2006 demo environment running. I took the new BizTalk 2006 demo VPC and added X12 and EDIFACT handling to it. So now, the Order Process not only gets fed with XML orders, but also with X12 and EDIFACT purchase orders. The demo automatically sends … [Read more…]