Handling empty nodes in flat files and their XML counterparts

Did you know that you can actually suppress empty nodes for inbound flat files. If you have empty fields in a flat file and you don’t want them to end up as empty nodes in your XML instances generated from that, you can specify the attribute suppress_empty_nodes=”true” as part of the b:schemaInfo element in the … [Read more…]

XRange and YRange attributes in .btm

Since we generate .btm files with our Map Accelerator product, we learned some things the hard way. For instance, you probably all know that there is a limit to the size of mapper grid pages (100*420) and that the maximum number of grid pages is 20. But did you also know that the XRange and … [Read more…]

Welcome to my BizTalk Notes!

I’ve been working with BizTalk Server since its first release in December 2000. Our company has over 300 customers running on BizTalk Server, and we add about 30 each quarter. Since October 2001 I’ve been working closely with the BizTalk product team in Redmond (believe me, I’ve been on more NW33 and NW34 flights – … [Read more…]